Real User Monitoring

Gain insight into how actual users experience your website and tailor optimizations to their needs.

Real User Monitoring (RUM) records how visitors interact with your website, giving you in-depth information on website performance and security as seen by users accessing your site from different browsers, devices, and connection speeds. section.o's RUM data provides actionable information based on your specific users including business metrics that show how speed impacts browsing.

Metrics include

  • Frond end and Back end load time
  • Full page load time
  • Throughput (page views)
  • Page views by visitor's page speed
  • Bounce rate by visitor's page speed
  • Traffic by user agent (browser, device type)
real user monitoring

Simple to install. Measure your baseline in minutes.

Insert's RUM JavaScript snippet onto your website and within minutes you'll be viewing visitor data in our pre-built dashboards. This tool enables you to create a baseline measure for website performance without changing your DNS or altering any parts of your website.

real user monitoring

Business metrics demonstrate the importance of page speed. provides valuable business metrics including the average number of pages viewed by page speed and average bounce rate by page speed. These metrics clearly demonstrate the ROI of page load time for your website and visitors.

The only DevOps integrated content delivery solution

In addition to RUM, once you serve traffic through you will have access to detailed logs and real-time metrics to see how your optimizations are impacting users.'s metrics, diagnostics, and local development environment are aligned with DevOps principles to provide a full DevOps workflow as soon as you get started.

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