Real Time Website Metrics

Metrics that integrate with DevOps methods to diagnose, resolve and improve your Content Delivery.

We recognize the importance of monitoring, which is why the portal includes Graphite metrics that have been visualized in Grafana. View Varnish Cache and ModSecurity metrics or create custom views by building your own dashboard. Overview data includes website throughput, response counts, error code rates, and bandwidth.

Varnish Cache Metrics

  • Hit, pass, miss rates by content type including HTML, images, JavaScript and CSS
  • Request Counts per minute
  • Bytes Per Minute
  • Time to serve by Cache Hit/Miss/Pass Status
  • Time to serve by response code
  • Throughput by response code

varnish metrics

ModSecurity Metrics

Get insights into how your ModSecurity rulesets are performing and use detailed metrics to set new rules that protect your website from malicious activity. Data includes:

  • Request throughput inspected
  • Most active rules triggered
  • Most active countries triggering rulesets
  • Processing time per response
modsecurity metrics

Working with Metrics and Diagnostics

The combination of's metrics, diagnostics and local development integration provides an out of the box DevOps workflow to troubleshoot issues and continuously improve your caching and security for optimal performance and protection from attacks.

In addition, is the only Content Delivery solution that provides a local development environment so that changes can be tested, reducing the chance that your caching or security configurations will break your website when they go to production.

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