Real Time Website Metrics

See what happened on your global and local Content Delivery Solution in the last minute, hour, week or month.

Metrics are available in your portal as soon as you complete set up


  • Your website throughput and key proxy metrics
  • Updates every minute with last minute's measurements
  • Response Counts
  • Error Code Rates
  • Bandwidth
  • Varnish Metrics
  • ModSec Intercepts and Passes
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Varnish Metrics

  • Hit Miss Rates By Content Type
  • HTML
  • Images
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • Request Counts per minute
  • Bytes Per Minute
  • Time to serve by Cache Hit/Miss/Pass Status
  • Time to serve by response code
  • Throughput by response code
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ModSec Metrics

  • Request Throughput Inspected
  • Most Active Rules Triggered
  • Most Active Countries Triggering Rulesets
  • Processing Time per Response
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Working with Metrics and Diagnostics

The combination of's metrics, diagnostics and local development integration provides an out of the box workflow to diagnose, resolve and continuously improve your Content Delivery Solution.