Website Logs and Diagnostics

Get real time access to detailed ELK stack logs. provides every user with their own ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana) ready to go in the portal.

This in-depth information on how requests are recieved and processed gives you the ability to analyze, diagnose, and respond to issues as soon as they occur. provides logs on each reverse proxy in a user stack including Varnish Cache and ModSecurity so that developers can immediately gather feedback and improve security or cache hit rates.

Varnish ELK Elasticsearch Logstash and Kibana - Screenshot

Quality diagnostics allow you to:

  • Extract the maximum cache hit ratio from your content delivery solution
  • Ensure your Web Application Firewall blocks only the right traffic
  • Identify issues where the content delivery solution may be affecting your web code
  • Establish a faster development feedback loop
  • Find production issues immediately

A full suite of DevOps tools in your content delivery solution.

In addition to real time access to production, test and development diagnostics, provides a comprehensive set of DevOps tools to improve content delivery.

Other tools provided with all accounts include unlimited historical metrics, real user monitoring and synthetic monitoring, and a development environment for complete integration with both Agile and DevOps workflows.

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