Website Diagnostics

Real Time Access to Detailed Logs

Your own ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana) is ready to go, out of the box, in your portal.

Analyse, diagnose, visualise and respond.

You need quality diagnostics

  • Extract the maximum cache hit ratio from your content delivery solution; and
  • Ensure your Web Application Firewall blocks only the right traffic
  • Identify issues where the content delivery solution may be affecting your web code

You real time diagnostics

  • Establish a faster development feedback loop
  • Find production issues immediately
Varnish ELK Elasticsearch Logstash and Kibana - Screenshot
Varnish Logs and Debugging - Screenshot delivers superior diagnostics

The only content delivery solution which gives you real time access to production, test and development diagnostics.

  • Now you can have super-fast feedback loop on changes made to the proxy configuration
  • Immediate feedback on the impact application changes may have on the content delivery solution before the changes are released to production.
  • Direct access to Varnish debugging tools
  • Logs from every proxy hop immediately available in your portal
  • Data is arranged in useful ways for developers to gather immediate feedback and insight on problems or cache hit concerns.