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Why you Should use Wakanda JavaScript

June 28, 2021

Wakanda is an open-source platform which allows the user to easily and quickly create applications that can be utilized as mobile applications and web application using JavaScript. Wakanda is supported on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and cloud-ready on the back-end.

Features of Wakanda JavaScript framework

There are some very nice features that make Wakanda JavaScript stand out in this modern-day.

The Wakanda database

The Wakanda database itself stands out for me, especially when it is paired perfectly with the Wakanda server. It offers the same experience as MongoDB and CouchDB since it uses modern NoSQL, with similar portability as SQLite. Wakanda JavaScript framework saves us stress and time since it is portable and ready to use.

The Wakanda server

The Wakanda server runs and hosts the backend applications in production and development. It is a multi-threaded HTTP server that incorporates server-side JavaScript APIs unmasked in REST.

Everything needed is already written for the users in JavaScript. It also saves time since the user does not have to go into the configuration tasks. The Wakanda server is also portable. It lowers the cost of both configuration and development by using pre-bundled components.

The JavaScript application server

The Wakanda JavaScript app server uses the V8 engine which operates on a JavaScript runtime. It exhibits a rich synchronous API to hold filesystems, sockets, remote databases, and workers. It supports an asynchronous software development style.

The HTTP server

The Wakanda HTTP server exposes the auto-generated Wakanda REST API. It is also responsible for serving static application files.

The Data abstraction layer

The data abstraction layer is essential to data security. It helps in data manipulation through the use of a JavaScript API. It exposes an automated REST API to manipulate and access data.

Authentication (directory)

Authentication is a process that enables the app in verifying the users who are connected to a certain network resource. It helps in exposing both the REST API and server-side JavaScript API. It is responsible for the authentication of management sessions and users.

The Wakanda studio

The Wakanda studio helps to develop and test apps locally together with troubleshooting your environment. In this era where everyone is craving for a development environment, Wakanda has taken a different turn in coming up with an IDE.

Wakanda’s main objective is to give a quick and easy way to project scaffolding. Scaffolding is a programming method that aims at creating database-backed software applications. The philosophy behind Wakanda studio, which simplifies developers lives who have decided to work with the Wakanda JavaScript stack, is called RAD (Rapid Application Development).

Do you like React? React is a front-end JavaScript library that can be used for creating user interfaces for single-page web applications. You can change the scaffolding of your project to adapt to your desire.

Wakanda identifies and acknowledges the three critical parts in all applications. These crucial parts are all used in the initial scaffolding. They include the backend, the web applications, and the mobile applications.

Wakanda Studio has a code editor emanating from an extension updatable, an application prototype, deploy solutions, code mirror, and git integration. This studio gives the user the entire view of the application.

Application scaffolding

It composes your app by identifying templates from the configured list. This includes backend: TypeScript and JavaScript and frontend: Angular1, Angular4. Wakanda will soon support other popular front-end frameworks such as React.js and Aurelia. When it comes to mobile platforms, Wakanda is compatible with Ionic.

Environmental troubleshooting

System and configuration problems detection tools and solutions are readily prepared for you. This will help in adding value thus choosing the Wakanda JavaScript framework.

For instance, in improving operations and reducing cybersecurity risks, many institutions employ a configuration management database (CMDB), a configuration manager, and a configuration management to ensure effective configuration management.

Why you should use Wakanda

Here are some reasons why you should use Wakanda JavaScript:

  • It is cost-effective. This is because some of its parts being reusable modules. It is easy in merging the developmental phases of application development and backend prototyping thus reducing its expenses.
  • Wakanda is standardized for simplified deployment and easy maintenance.
  • Wakanda JavaScript framework is uniquely built. It brings together various applications which the developer needs for building, deploying and prototyping in a single environment.
  • In Wakanda, cross-platform mobile and web applications can be built quickly.
  • Wakanda is an open-source platform. It is progressive in nature to allow developers to make all the possible choices. This means developers can take control when need be, write their code or use the available existing tools and components.
  • Its compatibility with all technologies makes Wakanda.js stand out in the market. It can be integrated with databases and frameworks of all kinds. Wakanda components can be stocked or rather modified by developers.


To sum up, the Wakanda JavaScript framework is recommendable to developers due to its excellent and user-friendly features. The Wakanda framework also supports cross-platform applications. This means that you can use this framework to craft beautiful applications for mobile and web platforms.

Why don’t you head to Wakanda Framework and try it?

Happy Coding!

Peer Review Contributions by: Geoffrey Mungai