Deploy your Node.js app

Before you deploy, make sure you have set up an example Node.js app.

Find the name of your app

Find the ID of your account:

sectionctl apps list

The output will look something like this:

Account #1337 - Example
APP ID            APP NAME

The application name was automatically generated for you when you signed up.

Note the name of the application that is returned – you are going to use it in the final steps.

Set up the SSL certificate for your domain

Section provides SSL certificates for your apps for free.

To set this up so your app is available, run:

sectionctl certs renew

(make sure to substitute your domain when you run this command)

Deploy your app

Now your app is ready to deploy. Run:

sectionctl deploy --account-id 1337 --app-id 1234


npm run deploy in your app’s root directory.

(make sure to substitute your account and app IDs when you run this command)

It may take a few minutes to upload and deploy your Node.js app to Section’s edge.

View your app running on Section

Plug the app name you saw above into your browser, and you should see your app running.

Next: advanced sectionctl options.

Node.js Edge App Hosting is a new Section product, so it may have some rough edges. If you see something that needs improvement, we’d love to hear your feedback.