Running Synthetic Tests

Section offers free synthetic tests (comparable to WebPageTest, Pingdom, etc.) for any customer that signs up and begins their trial. This feature enables you to monitor your performance as we run synthetic tests against your domain and any of your pages.

Setting up Synthetic Tests in Section

To start testing the performance of your website, simply login to your Section account and go to “Synthetics” under “Set Up” in the left navigation. Here you can add tests with a URL to any page on your site!

For example: * * * *

You can even set up tests to monitor and compare the performance of your competitor’s websites.

For example: * *

Viewing your metrics

To view your real user monitoring metrics login to your Section account and go to “Monitoring” under “Real time” in the left navigation. From there you can click on “Synthetics” in the left hand corner of the screen to view your Data.