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Console Monitoring

We expect that most application developers will want to connect their favorite observability tooling to Section, and we've provided guides to show how this is done. But in order to give a high-level glimpse of application performance, users of the platform are also able view a variety of usage and performance metrics for their application on the Section Console.

Environment Overview

  • On the environment overview page you will be able to see the total CPU-hour and memory-hour requests for the past 24 hours. These are the values that are chargeable to * your account.
  • You can also see the current running regions of your workload, such as "us-east" or "us-west".
  • Total number of pods running in the environment at the present time. And number of HTTP requests in the past 24 hours.

List of Pods

For a given environment you'll be able to see a list of currently running pods, their phase (running, pending, etc.), if the pod is ready or not, amount memory and CPU used and requested, etc.

The following numbers are updated every 30 seconds and reflect an average over the past 1 minute.

  • CPU Actual - this is the actual CPU usage, in vCPU (Kubernetes "cores"), averaged over the last 1 minute.
  • CPU Requested - this is the amount of CPU requested, in vCPU (Kubernetes "cores"), by the pod.
  • Memory Actual - this is the actual memory usage, in GiB, averaged over the last 1 minute.
  • Memory Requested - this is the amount of memory requested, in GiB, by the pod.