Basic Logging

In this document and video we get a basic demo of how to search the HTTP Logs in Section’s dashboard called Aperture.

Use the Kibana 4 HTTP Logs to debug the proxy stack for possible issues with origin or the application in Section.

  • Intro 0:00
  • First time setup 1:33
  • Basics 2:17
  • Filters 3:26
  • Manual search 5:28
  • Tip 1 - faster work flow 6:52
  • Tip 2 - CSV exporter 7:24


Login to Section’s dashboard Aperture and click the HTTP Logs link.

HTTP Logs Screen

Open the HTTP Logs screen and view Kibana wrapped inside an iframe in Aperture.

Launch HTTP Logs in Full Window

Click the Open in New Window button which opens HTTP Logs Kibana screen in a full browser window. You are now in the Discover tab.

It is useful to open Kibana HTTP Logs in full screen so you can copy and paste URLs for logs

Adjust the time period

Click the top right hand corner of the Kibana screen next to the Clock or time icon which by default is 15 minutes.

Expand time period filter pane

Clicking expands the time period filtering and defaults to Quick.

Quick time period filters explained

The Quick section has options like Today, This Week, Last Hour, Last 4 Hour etc.

Section only keeps Kibana 4 HTTP Logs for the most recent 7 days.

Relative time period filters explained

The Relative filter pane in Kibana allows custom relative filters. i.e. 18 minutes from now, 75 minutes from now, 275 minutes from now.

Absolute time period filters explained

Absolute searches are useful for selecting a range of time between two dates. This can be useful for investigating a known incident.

Kibana tabs: Discover, Visualize, Dashboard & Settings

Along the top of the HTTP Logs screen to the right of the Kibana logo are 4 tabs: Discover, Visualize, Dashboard & Settings.

Kibana Settings

Click on the Kibana Settings tab and select the Indices and a log pattern. You can now see all fields in the index which we can use the make reports in the main Discover tab.

Demo Search on Edge Access edge-access.log

We will now do a demo search on the edge access log.

The Edge Access log is the first log in the Section proxy stack and is often a useful log to investigate the interface between Section and the origin server.

Select _type edge-access.log

Select the edge-access.log by selecting the popular _type filter and then click on the magnifying glass icon. This adds a search filter for the edge proxy.