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6. Next Steps

Now that you have finished getting started with your first Section Project, you may want to continue your learning by using one of our many Tutorials, learning more about how Section's Platform works or by Monitoring your project to get logs and metrics.


Section offers a wide range of Tutorials so you can further your learning around what is possible with Section.

We have tutorials that walk through a number of different Frameworks such as:

Section Platform

The Section Platform offers many additional features that may be applicaple to your Section Project. To read more more see our Explanations docs for more information on things such as:

Upgrade your Plan

To access more features, locations and higher resource limits, Upgrade your Project Plan to Standard or Pro Plan.


Section offers a variety of ways to monitor your Section Project.

  • Kubernetes Dashboard: You can make use of the Kubernetes Dashboard to get real time information using standard Kubernetes outputs
  • Export Telemetry: Export metrics to tools such as Datadog and Grafana Cloud.
  • Project Logs: Ship your Project's logs to external tools such as Datadog and Grafana Loki.