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Traffic Monitor

Section provides a Composable Edge Cloud on which your application can run consisting of a global network of compute locations. In order to see real time feedback of where your traffic is running, Section provides a Traffic Monitor for all environments that have enabled our HTTP extensions.

Section's Traffic Monitor gives users a dynamic visualization of traffic activity, giving users an immersive and holistic edge observability experience. Allowing users to:

  • Understand how global traffic is flowing through your Section environment
  • Evaluate location specific throughput
  • Detect errors, and see your uptime for all locations
  • Playback specified time ranges to see how your traffic changes

Edge Regions

Section has hundreds of edge points of presence (PoPs) around the globe, in order to best represent all of these in our traffic monitor Section makes use of Edge regions. For example, instead of showing every PoP in the western united states we have a region for US West. The Edge regions we display in our traffic monitor are:

  • US West
  • US East
  • Europe
  • Oceania
  • Other

For a full list of available locations please refer to our Adaptive Edge Engine Location Parameters.

Traffic Playback

The Traffic Monitor allows users to select a time range, either a quick range of available options or a custom range, and then playback their traffic.

This allows users to get a better idea of their user's behavior, see spikes and dips in traffic and better allocate resources if necessary.