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As an Edge Hosting Platform that supports complex container-based applications, Section leverages a pricing model that is consistent with major cloud providers.


Section bills monthly in USD based on an application’s CPU and RAM requests across the Section platform.

A substantial amount of egress is included at no extra charge, but there is also a billing component for egress overage.

At the end of each month, request-hours are totalled for your usage across all locations, combined with the egress overage, and presented as your bill.

How Charging Works for CPU and RAM

  • CPU is billed in units of vCPU, and RAM is billed in GiB.
  • A container’s charge is: hours_running * ( vCPU_container_size * cpu_hourly_rate + RAM_container_size * ram_hourly_rate ).
  • Charges are calculated per minute of requested resource, with the minimum charging unit being one whole minute.
  • There is a single price per vCPU and GiB across the entire Section platform. In other words, the price per vCPU and GiB is the same regardless of the location of the container.
  • Charges are incurred for every container running on the platform. So if you have 3 replicas of a container running in 3 locations, then charges accumulate for 9 different containers.
  • When AEE shuts down a container, then that container stops incurring a charge. AEE will shut down a container when it moves the workload to another region, either because workload has decreased, or otherwise moved.
  • Section uses Quality of Service class “Guaranteed”, meaning that memory and CPU requests must equal limits.
  • Container sizes are at a minimum of 0.5 vCPU and 0.5 GiB RAM, with 0.5 increments available.
  • If no container size is specified in your deployment then default container sizes are 1 vCPU and 2 GiB RAM.

Storage and Egress

Egress is included for every container at a rate of 0.5 GB * (CPU_request + RAM_request).

Containers in an application “share” their egress allotment. In other words, the egress allocations for an entire application are summed at the end of the month and actual consumed egress is compared to that total.

Egress overage is billed at $0.04 per GB.

Also included at no extra charge is ephemeral storage for your container. Each container is allotted 15 GiB * (CPU_request + RAM_request).

Controlling Costs

Costs can be controlled in a number of ways.

  • Set a maximum number of replicas.
  • Set a location strategy that limits your deployment.
  • The Section Console provides monthly usage information so that you can be aware of current charges.
  • Usage metrics are available to be streamed to popular monitoring & alerting tools, whereby you can alert when your monthly consumption exceeds an amount you set.