Navigating the Billing Portal

In each Account you will have access to your billing portal after you have set up your aaccount. The Billing Portal is where you can update your card, view your invoices or cancel your account, all from one convenient interface.

To navigate to the Billing Portal, first click on the “gear” icon in your menu then navigate to “Account”. Here you will find the “Visit Billing Portal” button which will take you to our hosted billing portal. You have the option to set up a unique password for your billing portal.

The Billing Portal Features:

My Account:

Update the contact information for your subscriptions or choose a password for your account


Provides an overview of each subscription on Each website you set up on your account will have a seperate subsctiption so you can track billing seperately for each website. You can also attach different payment methods to each website.

You can also cancel individual subscriptions from this interface. Click on the “Cancel” link in the particular subscription.


View each statement/invoice for your account.