DDoS Mitigation

Tools and techniques for resisting the impact of distributed denial-of-service attacks.

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The widest offering of DDoS mitigation tools at the Edge.

Section is the only Edge Compute Platform with a variety of open-source and proprietary security edge modules designed to mitigate the damage of a targeted DDoS attack.

By combining Edge network protection with the most advanced Web Application Firewalls and a robust set of logs and monitoring tools, you can efficiently and effectively block malicious traffic to keep your websites online during an attack.

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DDoS attacks have become so commonplace that every application is at risk of being targeted for an attack. With Section's DDoS mitigation tools, businesses can protect their revenue by keeping their applications online and avoiding being susceptible to ransom demands.

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Because Section integrates with a variety of WAF technologies, you will never be locked into an outdated technology. Drive the WAF yourself with open-source rules based WAFs, or take advantage of a modern WAF with machine learning and security teams on call.

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With a full ELK stack for logs, programmable alerts, and RUM monitoring, you will be armed with the data necessary to identify attacks and patch vulnerabilities.

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During a DDoS attack, our support team is on call to help mitigate the impact and help keep your application online. Select proprietary WAF options offer additional live support during a DDoS attack to help with mitigation.

Improve your application security with Section.

Section’s Edge Compute Platform offers a wide variety of options for Web Application Firewalls which guarantees a compatible solution for your application, team, and budget. You will never be locked into an outdated technology and can immediately take advantage of new advancements in the industry.

No application is safe from DDoS attacks, but Section can help protect your business and keep your application online. Section provides core performance and security features in addition to a choice of web application firewalls and other security solutions. By giving you the ability to test before deployment and immediately identify issues via logs and metrics, applications using Section cache more content, scale faster, and block more threats than with any other solution.

Technical Details

DDoS Mitigation

DDoS mitigation through Section is customizable. Take advantage of platform-level protections, such as:

  • IP blocking

  • Geo IP range blocking

  • User Agent detection and blocking

  • Layer 3 and 4 protection through our high capacity edge network; or

  • Add additional security modules to your stack such as rules-based or learning WAFs for Layer 7 DDoS protection. The current options for security WAFs include:

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