Welcome to the Edge PaaS

The future is open, flexible proxy selections.

section.io’s Edge PaaS is the future of content delivery: it means flexible, open reverse proxies you control through one software-defined platform. With section.io, you get a globally distributed server network and the ability to mix and match website security and performance tools to build a solution customized to your needs. section.io is always adding new reverse proxies to our platform, and we’ll never lock you into one tool or modify open-source proxies.

section.io was built specifically to alleviate the problems faced with CDN deployment: we offer a development environment to test changes before they go live, and give developers the ability to fully drive the proxies they want. With the Edge PaaS you can:

  • Cache dynamic content and HTML documents for the best performance on the market
  • Future-proof your website security by using an intelligent WAF or building your own open-source protection.
  • Scale your website as much as needed with a dynamic network built to maximize performance and scalability.
  • Customize your CDN solutions by adding caching, WAFs, bot blocking and more.
  • Test changes locally before they are pushed to production.
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