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Bot management solutions help protect applications and APIs from a variety of non-human traffic threats, such as site scraping, account takeover, and data theft.

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Don’t let malicious bots wreak havoc across your web properties.

Section offers multiple industry-leading bot management solutions for your Edge. Choose the solution that best fits your application’s unique requirements.

Prevent bad bot activity

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Protect your applications from threatening account takeover attempts, including brute force attacks, phishing, botnets, and credential stuffing.

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Avoid costly inventory denial attacks that fraudulently tie up your inventory, preventing legitimate purchases from getting through.

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Don't become the victim of malicious attempts to undercut your pricing or steal your content. An effective bot management solution uses advanced threat detection to stop increasingly sophisticated bots and attacks in their tracks.

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Prevent junk entries from clogging your lead and registration pipelines. Leverage device fingerprinting and bot intelligence technologies to prevent false positives and block malicious activity.

Section offers the most advanced bot protection available.

The bot technology industry is innovating rapidly with more sophisticated threats emerging all the time. To keep pace, bot management solution providers are leveraging behavioral analysis methods based on machine learning and fingerprinting technologies. With Section, you can take advantage of the latest advancements in bot management technology without the risk of locking yourself into an outdated technology. With industry-leading bot management solutions available in our edge module library, you will never have to compromise when deciding on the best security solution for your application. Learn more about PerimeterX and Radware Bot Manager.

Setting up a bot management solution on Section is incredibly simple, and you get the added benefit of network layer DDoS protection by deploying the bot technology on a distributed edge network. By using Section as your Edge Compute Platform, you also get the ability to run your bot solution in your development environment for testing, and comprehensive access to DevOps logs and metrics to keep an eye on what is going on at the edge.

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