Announcing Virtual Waiting Room

waiting roomSection is pleased to announce another feature to help websites stay online when extreme traffic peaks arrive.

A Virtual Waiting Room can ensure that your website stays up and serving customers when an extreme traffic event would otherwise have caused a complete outage.

To ensure your website is always online and always fast, a Virtual Waiting Room is a great addition to Section’s other performance and scalability features such as Dynamic Content Caching, HTML Streaming, Static Object Caching and Image Optimization.

Protect Your Website with Virtual Waiting Room

The Section Virtual Waiting Room means you can set a limit on the number of visitors your site can safely handle. When your website reaches this limit, Section’s Virtual Waiting Room will push excess users to an “overload page” of your choice.

This allows the existing customers who are actively browsing and transacting on your website to complete their session uninterrupted. When those customers leave the site, additional customers can enter, creating a virtual waiting room or a virtual queue for customers during your biggest spikes in traffic. You can customize the language on your overload page so customers know that they are in line to get access to your website.

Setting Up Virtual Waiting Room

To add a Virtual Waiting Room to your Section application, check out our docs for instructions.

Making Your Website More Scalable

If you feel your maximum number of users is lower than you would like it to be, there is work you can do to improve the underlying scalability of your website. For example, by deploying Varnish Cache on Section for your website, you can cache more content which will reduce the work required by your servers. By storing objects in the cache, the server is only hit by a request when the cache needs to be updated.

That means users can get their responses handled by the cache, whether there is one user or one thousand, and keeping the work required by your servers low. Section offers Varnish Cache and Section’s performance engineers can help you identify the best places to optimize the cache to improve your scalability.

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Contact our engineers to find out more about implementing Section’s Virtual Waiting Room or any of our web application performance, security and scalability features.

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