Section adds Threat X, an Intelligent WAF

Today we’re excited to announce that we have added Threat X, an intelligent Web Application Firewall, to Section’s choice of reverse proxies. At Section we’re committed to bringing you a choice of the best-in-class solutions for website performance and security. That’s why we let you choose which unmodified, open-source version of Varnish Cache works with your application, and now you have the choice between two WAFs: Threat X, which is a next-generation intelligent WAF backed by a team of security experts, and ModSecurity, a leading open-source WAF.

Threat X is unique because it learns your website’s visitor profile and detects and blocks threats with no configuration needed from you. By using smart sensors, Threat X can analyze your site’s traffic patterns and identify malicious entities based on their combined behavior, rather than on individual security events. This means that Threat X detects more malicious traffic while reducing false positives that block legitimate traffic.

Threat X’s intelligent WAF is also backed by a team of security expert who constantly monitor your website and the latest hacker trends so you are always one step ahead of the game. When Threat X blocks an attack, you will immediately be alerted and see all the information about the attack, what was impacted, and how it was blocked on a user-friendly dashboard.

website securityBy combining Threat X and Section, users will be getting the best, most modern solutions available for performance, scalability, and security. Section’s global Edge Compute Platform and Varnish Cache provide your site with lightning-fast speeds, while Threat X works seamlessly behind the scenes to ensure your site is not taken down due to an attack and visitor data stays protected. Since Section doesn’t lock you in to a long term contract or specific reverse proxy selection, you can always adjust your proxy setup as we add additional functionalities for website speed and security.

Learn more about Threat X and contact us to add it to your Section application or start a new account with Section.

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