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Tips to Make Sure Your DNS Registration Doesn't Expire

Jason Stangroome | September 06, 2017 | Common mistakes

During my time at I have seen the websites of our customers and our partners go offline due to a seemingly innocuous administration error: failing to renew their domain name registration on time. This issue was recently brought to the forefront recently when the popular marketing tool Marketo failed to renew their domain name, and were shut out of their system for several hours.

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Under Pressure - Is Your Site Ready for a Traffic Spike?

Danny Randa | December 07, 2016 | Performance, Common mistakes, E-commerce

It’s a marketer’s dream. You come up with a new idea for a campaign to drive attention to a sale on your site. You get approval from the bosses, build a carefully targeted email list, put together some display ads, and get ready to scream about it on social media.

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Prepare Your Ecommerce Site for Holiday Sales

Ben Cook | December 05, 2016 | Performance, Common mistakes, E-commerce

The holiday shopping season starts earlier and earlier each year, with stores putting up decorations and websites running holiday features as soon as November begins. However, when big sales come around some websites always seem to struggle. Luckily, even in the middle of the holiday season there are several steps websites can take to ensure they are smoothly running through December and into the January sales.

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Top Five CDN Myths

Stewart McGrath | August 10, 2016 | CDNs 101, Common mistakes, Caching

Here are my top five CDN myths (for today) and a quick discussion of why they are not exactly true.

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New Relic - How static resources can impact metrics

Shaun Guo | August 03, 2016 | Metrics, Common mistakes

New Relic is one of the best tools that many of our clients use for performance monitoring, for both their internal infrastructure as well as performance of their sites through a CDN. To be able to accurately measure performance and impacts from deployments, New Relic needs to be setup correctly so the relevant metrics are not obfuscated by extraneous data.

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Your marketing team might be hurting your website performance

Melissa Kilbourne | July 12, 2016 | Marketing, Common mistakes

Did you know your marketing team could be impacting your page load times? Or worse, their activities could bring your site down?

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How caching fails

Jason Stangroome | May 30, 2016 | Caching, Common mistakes

A highly effective website cache is optimised to store and share every possible response that only contains information relevant to all users, whilst ensuring that responses containing user-specific data are only ever served to the correct user.

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