Introducing Snapt Nova Module for Enterprise-Grade Edge Security

Section’s newest module, Snapt Nova, offers enterprise-grade edge security with the ability to centrally manage, deploy and control your security preferences. By deploying Snapt Nova on Section’s Edge Compute Platform, you can combine the application security and intelligence of Snapt while simultaneously leveraging the benefits of edge computing.

Snapt Nova
The Snapt Nova WAAP and WAF solution allows you to protect your applications and data against disruptions, leaks, DoS botnets, application attacks, and fraud. You can also rest assured that Nova is a fully PCI-compliant WAF solution, helping prevent security breaches and payment card data theft in the present and in the future.

The Snapt Nova module on Section is specifically designed for cloud native architectures and DevOps teams. For IT organizations managing hundreds, possibly thousands, of microservices, Snapt offers the ability to reduce complexity by scaling without limitations on any platform and any network while protecting you against common attack vectors used by hackers across locations, clouds, and environments.

Key Benefits

Key benefits of Snapt Nova include:

Full protection against Layer 7 attacks

The Snapt Nova module offers protection against a full spectrum of layer 7 threats (the layer of the OSI model just beneath the surface of user interfaces), including:

  • DoS
  • Data leaks
  • SQL injections
  • Remote code execution
  • XSS attacks
  • Scrapers

Additionally, it extends multiple layers of defense for your application, including:

  • Authentication
  • Access management
  • A+ SSL rating
  • Full PCI compliance

Granular telemetry, allowing you to determine potential threats in real-time

With Snapt Nova, you get extensive logging and alerting abilities (Slack, Prometheus, etc.). Plus, Nova monitors offer more than just TCP data. Real-time telemetry includes:

  • HTTP error rates
  • Request rates
  • Known vulnerability endpoints
  • … much more

Straightforward, flexible centralized security configuration

Snapt Nova is centrally managed with near-zero latency communications, giving you access to real-time control, telemetry and intelligence. From a single pane of glass, you can easily apply blacklists, whitelists, rulesets, rate limits, and deploy and configure modules across multiple clouds and locations.

Instant defense against the OWASP Top 10 and DDoS attacks

When you deploy the Snapt Nova module on Section, you gain instant protection against the top 10 most critical web application security risks, including Automatic mitigation of DDoS attacks using real-time telemetry to make dynamic adjustments to traffic.

AI and Machine Learning to automatically configure security and send alerts

Snapt Nova leverages an intelligent ML Engine and AI-based autonomous decision-making, alongside real-time telemetry to automatically secure your applications. With this, the technology is able to deliver pre-emptive threat protection, as well as proactive recommendation of changes to your WAF.

Auto-scaling as needed

Snapt Nova’s ADC nodes are stateless, allowing you to scale automatically without any cap across locations, clouds and environments. This enables you to reduce management overhead and ensure your configuration remains consistent across your WAF instances for the specified application.

Pay-what-you-use pricing model

With a SaaS pricing model, customers save an average 30% on Cloud spend due to real-time auto-scaling and a lightweight footprint. Additionally, multi-cloud support allows you to automatically move capacity over to the lowest cost Cloud provider.

The Snapt Nova WAF can be added to your application security perimeter with Section within minutes. Contact us to find out more about how to benefit from enterprise-grade edge security, or get started now.

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