Seed Funding Round Closed

I am very pleased to confirm that Section has just closed our $1.5m seed funding round.

I have been very fortunate over the past few months to have experienced the process of meeting with some great venture capital groups as we worked towards closing our seed round.

As a graduate from the Techstars Boulder program, we are pleased to welcome Techstars Ventures onto our Cap table joining a number of other great funds such as Tahoma Ventures, Blue Note Ventures, Galvanize Ventures, PV Ventures, Venture Blue and various other incredibly astute and experienced angel investors.

Not all of the excellent VCs I have been working with over the last few months made it onto our cap table in the end but I am very thankful for their advisory and feedback.

This raise we have pulled together will provide capital to drive growth. The Section product is awesome. Our engineering team have created an amazing new way for web businesses to work with reverse proxy servers (the core tech backing Content Delivery Networks). Never before have agile developers been able to work with CDNs with such control and flexibility.

For agile development teams to have immediate access to their choice of reverse proxies (from our library of reverse proxy servers) in their development and test environments and on a globally distributed platform is a new paradigm for CDNs and more specifically for reverse proxy server management. Throw in free TLS/SSL certificates, free Global Anycast DNS and a robust, real time (but open) metrics and logs platform and you have a tool set built to finally empower engineers to control, manage and fully exploit a reverse proxy platform (or CDN) in front of their website. Now, putting our seed capital to work, we are committed to tell market why Section is a better way to secure, scale and speed up all web applications.

Jim Franklin has been generous with his time and expertise and has joined our corporate board. Jim brings with him tremendous experience as CEO of Sendgrid where, in a similar fashion, engineers were introduced to a new and better way of working; in that case pertaining to email management.

Thanks to Mike Platt and team at Cooley who have provided support and advisory throughout our raise process, patiently guiding an Aussie through the US raise process and required legals and paperwork.

With our team based in Boulder, Colorado and Sydney, Australia, we are loving the opportunity to serve a global market and continue delivering against our core mission; To improve the Internet by empowering modern engineers to fully exploit reverse proxy server technology.

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