Section announces Series A lead by Foundry Group

Today we are pleased to announce we have closed our Series A funding round lead by Foundry Group.

Nearly three years ago, when we first started the process to move our HQ from Sydney Australia to the USA in search of talent, capital and a larger market for our vision, we met with Ryan McIntyre from the Foundry team in Boulder CO.

We have a product focussed on improving the output of web software engineers, both Dev and Ops. There have been few VCs who have truly grokked our vision. Aside from the truly straightforward approach of the Foundry team in total, when Ryan was able to appreciate where we are heading and immediately playback value add suggestions, we knew there was a good fit for us with Ryan and Foundry.

As our vision has been coming together over the past three years, we have have been checking in with Foundry from time to time, have had the pleasure of spending time with the partners in various settings and we are looking forward to the future working relationship with the Foundry team.

Next Frontier Capital (NFC) are also playing a large role in the Series A. Steve Souders, who pioneered much of the work in the world of web performance, helped NFC perform their technical due diligence for the round and had the following to say about Section:

  • “Section has created a platform which from the ground up is truly a step change to existing Content Delivery solutions. Their container based approach means Section has developed a solution which is incredibly flexible and lets their customers pick the stack that works best for them. The modern developer focus with git backed workflows, real-time diagnostics and API first mentality is a very strong platform core and is ideal for modern web engineering teams following DevOps principles."

  • “In addition to their flexible deployment options and security modules, I’m especially looking forward to seeing what the Section team does in the area of web performance. Their platform architecture allows Section to build very interesting edge compute and intelligent, data-driven decision-making elements that give customers a lot of power without doing all the heavy lifting.”

Throughout the last three years we have had great support from a really strong group of seed investors and before that from a number of tremendous Angel investors in Australia. We are excited to bring Foundry and NFC onto our journey to improve the flexibility, transparency and control modern web engineers have over the software running at their Edge Compute Platform.

We have a highly capable team based both in Sydney and Denver / Boulder and we are securing and speeding up web activity for customers such as Thrifty Car Rental and Universal Music Group. The Section platform is being used by engineers to power apps for major North American sporting teams and events.

This Series A funding will allow us to continue to bring incredibly talented engineers into the Section team to code, ship and run amazing software, to work with our customers to help them use our software and to work with our partners so they can easily and effectively integrate with our software.

If you are interested in learning more about extending your infrastructure to the edge, or you’re an engineer willing to take on the big challenge of defining the next decade of application and content delivery, we’d love to speak with you; please contact us.

At Section we say there is no such thing as work life balance, it’s just life. We are loving this part of our life and looking forward to the next.

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