Section Joins Magento's Technology Partner Program

We are pleased to announce that Section has become a Magento Select Technology Partner, a level of partnership that includes many other top-tier technology solutions designed to help Magento eCommerce customers get the most out of their websites. We’re excited about this partnership because we recognize Magento as the leading eCommerce solution for all kinds of businesses, from small boutiques to large, recognizable brands, and we have already been building our own tools to integrate seamlessly with the Magento system.

As we have outlined in previous posts, eCommerce sites can benefit greatly from improved website performance, because so much hangs on a customer successfully completing their transaction on an online shopping site. With faster web pages, customers view more products and ultimately spend more money, resulting in increased eCommerce revenue (check out our eCommerce case study from Adore Beauty, a leading beauty sales Magento site).

Magento is already encouraging all of its users to implement Varnish Cache on their Magento site so that images and other static files are cached and delivered more quickly to your customers, and Section makes the Varnish Cache implementation quick, simple, and globally distributed, further improving page load time. In addition, because Section is built to work with modern developer workflows, development teams can cache more content, including full HTML docs for their website, and test it all in a CDN development environment to ensure nothing goes wrong when changes go live.

With our Magento partnership, we plan on building more Magento-specific products to optimize Magento websites. We will also continue to publish tips and in-depth articles on how to get the most out of Magento, so keep checking our website and blog for all your Magento performance needs.

You can read the full partnership press release, or to get your Magento site started with Section sign up for a free trial of our CDN now.

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