Section Joins Google Cloud’s Edge Partner Ecosystem to Help Innovators Accelerate their Edge Strategies

Google Cloud continues to advance their edge initiatives, most recently announcing the expansion of their edge and ISV ecosystem, with Section Edge as a Service included among 15+ new partner solution offerings.

As part of this partner community, Section makes it easier for developers to adopt edge strategies by offloading many of the underlying complexities associated with infrastructure provisioning, workload orchestration, scaling, monitoring, and traffic routing to Google Cloud and Google’s Edge Infrastructure.

“Section’s DevOps-centric approach to simplicity, flexibility, and control at the Edge aligns with Google’s vision to make edge computing more accessible for innovators. As we continue to expand our global edge footprint, Section will make it easy for enterprises to distribute applications across our edge infrastructure backbone; thus delivering all the benefits of edge coupled with the familiar simplicity and flexibility of cloud.” Tanuj Raja, Global Head, Strategic Partnerships at Google

Underpinning the capabilities that the Section platform brings to Google Cloud developers is the patent-pending Adaptive Edge Engine (AEE). By providing dynamic, context-aware workload scheduling and traffic routing based on desired objectives (e.g. reduced latency, cost efficiency, compliance, etc.), AEE enables technology teams to more easily implement edge strategies to suit the unique requirements of their applications.

Beyond the built-in intelligence that AEE delivers to run workloads in the right place at the right time, Section’s Edge as a Service solutions offer diverse edge application support coupled with a strong DevOps experience to seamlessly integrate into existing workflows.

“Through our partnership with Google Cloud, we are helping organizations simplify and accelerate their digital transformation journeys by removing friction associated with edge computing adoption. Section and Google together present an Effortless Edge for organizations to leverage so they can deliver faster, more secure, and more cost effective digital experiences for their customers.” Stewart McGrath, Co-Founder & CEO of Section.

To learn more about enabling edge capabilities on Section with Google Cloud, contact us.

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