How to Be Ready for a Magento Security Incident

A few weeks ago Magento published a very helpful article to their Security Center outlining the steps to follow after suffering a malware attack on your Magento site. It is a great resource to save away in case you ever find yourself in this situation, however, it is also beneficial to understand what exactly is involved so you can prepare now.

Reading the article only after being attacked may leave you frustrated that you don’t have the information you need to proceed with confidence. Here are some steps that you can take today so that you’ll be ready.

Prepare your website for a Magento security incident

  • Ensure regular backups are being performed for your Magento database and installed files. You should also ensure these backups are tested regularly by restoring them to another server.

  • Ensure you have the latest security patches and extensions installed for your Magento version and establish a process to review this regularly. You can also sign-up to be notified when Magento publishes new security issues.

  • Ensure you have a non-production copy of your Magento deployment where you can test Magento core and extension updates safely before applying the changes to Production. This could be the same server you use to test the restoring of your backups. With Section you can also easily replicate your CDN configuration to your non-production Magento instance too.

  • Review which users can login to Magento Admin and limit their permissions to the minimum they need to perform their job. Also encourage them to use strong passwords that are not shared with other systems and services they may use.

  • Understand which Miscellaneous Scripts should be configured in your store’s HTML design and why they are there.

Beyond these steps, you can also configure your Magento deployment to be more resilient to an attack:

  • Protect Magento from password guessing. The whitelisting steps in this article can also be handled by Section so that the access attempts are intercepted before they even reach your origin web servers.

  • Read and apply Magento’s other highly recommended Security Best Practices that can help protect your site from malware, and other attacks.

Section also offers a Web Application Firewall service that can provide an extra layer of defence to protect your store from Internet threats. Contact us today to discuss how Section can improve the speed, availability, and security of your Magento store.

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