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Elasticsearch and Kibana

Elasticsearch and Kibana are open source tools run by Elastic. Elasticsearch, at its simplest, is a document search storage engine and Kibana is the user interface for Elasticsearch.

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DevOps and Current CDN Providers

A review of some of the CDNs available in the market today and commentary on their readiness for DevOps centric entineering teams.

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What and Where is the Edge PaaS?

Web applications are increasingly complex by nature and rapidly evolving in a landscape of increased consumer demand for higher quality experience, faster interaction and a low tolerance for security breaches of personal data. While cloud computing and the emergence of the large cloud hosts has caused a centralization of compute resource, the next wave of compute innovation is happening at “the edge”.

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Google Search Update - Speed Matters

Back in February, Google announced an update that takes page load times into consideration as one of its signals in Google’s mobile search rankings. The change, which Google is calling the “Speed Update” began in March and will go into effect across July.

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Comparing Varnish Cache and Nginx Caching

There are a range of web caching software options designed to help speed up your website or app. In this post, we focus on two of the major ones.

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Web Application Firewalls

In this article we will outline what a WAF is, explore types of WAFs currently available and deployment options for those WAFs.

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Varnish Cache 404 Errors

What is a 404 error, how does Varnish Cache handle them by default and how can it handle them? We also explore the cost of 404 Errors in this article: Cost of 404 Not Found.

Read More announces Series A lead by Foundry Group

Today we are pleased to announce we have closed our Series A funding round lead by Foundry Group.

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website security

We are pleased to announce today that we have added ShieldSquare Bot Mitigation and Management to’s modular web optimization platform. Both and Shieldsquare focus on improving the security of web applications and thier content.

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Varnish Cache and HTTPS

Varnish Cache-cache-https

One hurdle of Varnish Cache is that it is designed to accelerate HTTP, not the secure HTTPS protocol.

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