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Six Steps to Produce Faster Websites

If you believe the marketing hype surrounding website acceleration and performance, there is some seriously secret sauce involved in websites and the transmission of the pages from your origin servers to your users browser.

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Are you Maximising Website Dwell Time?

SEO has a myriad of dos and don”ts.” Sometimes it”s hard to sort the important from the not so important and to find SEO optimisations which not only deliver improved SEO but an improved customer experience.

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How to Measure Website Performance

Measuring Website Speed - Marketing Versus IT

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Who is Responsible for Website Performance?

The performance of a website is dependent on complex relationshipsbetween elements including application code, application databases, file serving techniques, hosting infrastructure, the Internet, users browsersand end user computing devices which render the pages.

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Which Browser is the Fastest?

One of the common questions asked in the web performance space is; which browser is the fastest?

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How to Accelerate a Mobile Website

A couple of months ago, I posted some thoughts on what mobile optimised website really means. With those thoughts as background, Id like to explore what we need to do in order to tackle website optimisation for users on cellular networks in particular. So, for the purposes of this discussion, lets refer to cellular connected small screen devices as Mobile devices or browsers.

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Squixa Recorded as the Fastest CDN in the USA

We are thrilled to announce Squixa as the fastest commercially available CDN in the USA.

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Dynamic Site Acceleration

There are number of modes of speeding up a website which CDNs can help deliver. Depending on the vendor, these modes can be packed up into one bundle or offered as premium add-ons to the basic caching and offload service. One such often spruiked add-on product is Dynamic Site Acceleration (DSA). CDNs claim this is vital for sites which serve dynamic content. Lets have a look at how DSA works and how much difference it can really make.

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