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How to Choose the Right Hosting Solution for Your Magento Website

When running your Magento website, one of the foundational decisions you will need to make is which hosting provider to choose. Your web host, or web hosting provider, will supply the technologies and services necessary for your Magento site to be viewed online. How your Magento application code, files and data are hosted is critical to your website’s performance and availability. Website speed matters more to many customers than most other website features, so choosing the right host is critical to avoid user abandonment and loss of revenue.

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Breaking Down PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS

A Comparison Between PaaS, SaaS, and IaaS What do the terms PaaS, SaaS and IaaS mean, and how do you choose between them? All three are different types of cloud service, offering infrastructure and resources-on-demand as a service. Each offers a fundamentally different approach to the management of IT resources.

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CDNs Were a Prototype for Edge Compute

CDNs - An Early Evolution of Edge Compute The financial and business logic of moving compute to the edge is a powerful incentive. Gartner predicts that by 2022, 50% of computing will be happening at the edge. Currently, around 10% of enterprise-data is created and processed outside a traditional data center or centralized cloud. Santhosh Rao, principal research analyst at Gartner, noted, “Organizations that have embarked on a digital business journey have realized that a more decentralized approach is required to address digital business infrastructure requirements.”

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Caching Stale Content

What is Caching Stale-While-Revalidate or Extending Grace? Caching makes pages load more quickly by drawing on a previous copy of a response instead of re-fetching it over the network. offers developers total control over their Varnish Cache configuration, enabling you to determine the features you need to maximize web speed by caching static and dynamic content, including full HTML documents.

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Hello from Molly

Today is my first day as Marketing Director at, and I’m eager for the opportunities ahead! What drew me to this company is the “for engineers, by engineers” mindset that carries through every vein of the organization. In all of my conversations with the team here, it’s glaringly apparent that our clients - software engineers - are at the center of everything we do. From product development to client success, is on a mission to make work easier for engineers.

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Hello from Gary

Yesterday was my first day at, and I am looking forward to many more. I have worked as a lead software developer and architect for the past 26 years across several industries - most recently at F5 Networks on their cloud enablement effort for their BIG-IP product. I have worked at companies both large and small, but certainly prefer working at smaller companies on a closely-knit team. Once I learned more about I knew right away that I wanted to be a part of their team and help the platform reach its full potential.

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Why did this Varnish Cache Cache Hit take so Long (High TTFB)?

Users of the platform occasionally ask: “Why is the time to first byte (TTFB) so large even though Varnish Cache indicates it is a cache hit?” In this post, we will take a moment to address this niggling question.

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More Confirmation That Slower Websites Kill Your Business

New Study from Eggplant on Why Web Speed Matters A new global study from website optimization company Eggplant found that just under three quarters (73%) of consumers will move to a rival site if the website they are on is too slow to load. Eggplant polled 3,200 people within the US and UK about their attitudes towards website speed and performance. They found that website speed is important to a significant majority of people in both countries: 85% of Americans said it was important to them and 88% of Brits said the same.

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Hello from Bjoern

A few hours ago, I started my first day at as a full time employee in the role of VP Commercials and I couldn’t be more excited to join this team. Over the past few weeks I had the pleasure of working with Stewart and Dan to understand the Go-To-Market strategy and value proposition for our clients better. Understanding what has already accomplished, and the vision of Stewart and Dan going forward, really convinced me about the opportunity for success.

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Hello from Mani

I start today at as a Customer Support Engineer and am very excited to take on customer and platform challenges. I look at this as an opportunity to have a meaningful impact on the web performance side of things by helping customers optimize their web products and provide a better experience for their end users. Having built and launched a number of customer-facing applications I see this as an amazing opportunity to help customers with their pain points and make the internet a better place.

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