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Quick Analysis of ABS Census Outage

As we know, millions of Australians have not been able to lodge their Census online as the ABS Census site is offline.

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Why All Marketers Should Love CDNs

Today marks my first day as a member of the team and I couldn’t be more excited to dive into the world of CDNs, reverse proxies, varnish cache, and web application firewalls. I will also fully admit that almost all of these words were completely foreign to me before I discovered a few weeks ago.

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New Relic - How static resources can impact metrics

New Relic is one of the best tools that many of our clients use for performance monitoring, for both their internal infrastructure as well as performance of their sites through a CDN. To be able to accurately measure performance and impacts from deployments, New Relic needs to be setup correctly so the relevant metrics are not obfuscated by extraneous data.

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Creating the Content Behind a Content Delivery Network

Greetings! Today I joined the team at, a new type of content delivery network aimed at helping developers and marketers increase the speed and security of their websites. I’ll be working on the content surrounding the product to make sure that anyone who is interested in CDNs is able to easily understand what they are, how they work, and why web performance will improve when you utilize one.

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Magento Varnish Metrics 101 recently released a new Magento extension that provides visibility for business managers to see their magento varnish cache metrics without having to login to the application. You can get the extension for your Magento website by going to the Magento Marketplace.

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Seed Funding Round Closed

I am very pleased to confirm that has just closed our $1.5m seed funding round.

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Your marketing team might be hurting your website performance

Did you know your marketing team could be impacting your page load times? Or worse, their activities could bring your site down?

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A simple guide to supercharging your site with

If you operate a website, a massive wave of traffic can be a very appealing idea. However, such a wave can also knock your site offline, or leave it crawling at slow speeds.

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Website Milliseconds Matter – But Why?

The evidence is conclusive; website page load time matters. The faster your website the more revenue your website will generate. Amazon and Google have studied this phenomenon. We have studied it and recently produced a great summary of their findings.

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Long TTFB with HTTP2 in WebPageTest

WebPageTest is a common tool that is used by us and our clients to examine site performance. It generates a beautifully detailed waterfall with great information on each request.

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