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Stewart McGrath | March 05, 2015 |

We have built websites and served websites for customers. We have helped customers accelerate websites and provided them with additional capacity to push through major traffic events. We have tested tried and broken many of the technologies available today to help websites deliver content optimally on a global scale.

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Speed Up Your Website Step 3- Send Files Earlier

Stewart McGrath | November 26, 2014 |

So far we have covered sending less data and over shorter distances. In this entry I will discuss the options to send files earlier in the process than might otherwise be possible.

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Speed Up Your Website Step 2 - Send over Shorter Distances

Stewart McGrath | September 30, 2014 |

In the last of these posts we discussed the HTTP Archive stats on web page size. Also relevant to webpage performance is the number of roundtrips your customers browser must make to retrieve the objects which make up the page being delivered.

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How many PoPs Does it Take to Cache a Website?

Stewart McGrath | September 23, 2014 |

In CDN land there is a super debate over the number of PoPs (Point of Presence) required to get best performance for your website.

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Speed Up your Website Step 1- Send Less Data

Stewart McGrath | September 02, 2014 |

As discussed in the last post, the first step in reducing the page load time of any website is to reduce the amount of data which must be sent down the wire to the user’s desktop. The benefits here accrue as there is reduced opportunity for network congestion at any point through the transmission process.

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Six Steps to Produce Faster Websites

Stewart McGrath | August 13, 2014 |

If you believe the marketing hype surrounding website acceleration and performance, there is some seriously secret sauce involved in websites and the transmission of the pages from your origin servers to your users browser.

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Are you Maximising Website Dwell Time?

Stewart McGrath | July 14, 2014 |

SEO has a myriad of dos and don”ts.” Sometimes it”s hard to sort the important from the not so important and to find SEO optimisations which not only deliver improved SEO but an improved customer experience.

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How to Measure Website Performance

Stewart McGrath | June 25, 2014 |

Measuring Website Speed - Marketing Versus IT

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Who is Responsible for Website Performance?

Stewart McGrath | April 22, 2014 |

The performance of a website is dependent on complex relationshipsbetween elements including application code, application databases, file serving techniques, hosting infrastructure, the Internet, users browsersand end user computing devices which render the pages.

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Which Browser is the Fastest?

Stewart McGrath | March 20, 2014 |

One of the common questions asked in the web performance space is; which browser is the fastest?

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