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Content Delivery Network - What's in a Name

Birth of the Term “CDN” Nearly 20 years ago, Akamai launched the first content delivery network. They rocked the web world by distributing reverse proxy servers globally into a number of Points of Presence (PoPs) to act as content caches and ran a layer of DNS over the top to select the closest PoP to the user.

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How a leading online beauty store increased sales

One of the biggest benefits of having a content delivery network (CDN) for your website is the improvement in page speed and overall website performance. When partnered with Adore Beauty, Australia’s leading online beauty shop, they were fast approaching holiday season and looking to improve their website performance during a critical time for web sales.

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Speed Means Sales

The importance of website performance is often overlooked, even though the Internet heavily influences many aspects of our daily lives. Over the past few months I have been investigating just how crucial and imperative optimal website performance is to the success of one’s company or organization.

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Top Five CDN Myths

Here are my top five CDN myths (for today) and a quick discussion of why they are not exactly true.

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Quick Analysis of ABS Census Outage

As we know, millions of Australians have not been able to lodge their Census online as the ABS Census site is offline.

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Why All Marketers Should Love CDNs

Today marks my first day as a member of the team and I couldn’t be more excited to dive into the world of CDNs, reverse proxies, varnish cache, and web application firewalls. I will also fully admit that almost all of these words were completely foreign to me before I discovered a few weeks ago.

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New Relic - How static resources can impact metrics

New Relic is one of the best tools that many of our clients use for performance monitoring, for both their internal infrastructure as well as performance of their sites through a CDN. To be able to accurately measure performance and impacts from deployments, New Relic needs to be setup correctly so the relevant metrics are not obfuscated by extraneous data.

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Creating the Content Behind a Content Delivery Network

Greetings! Today I joined the team at, a new type of content delivery network aimed at helping developers and marketers increase the speed and security of their websites. I’ll be working on the content surrounding the product to make sure that anyone who is interested in CDNs is able to easily understand what they are, how they work, and why web performance will improve when you utilize one.

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Magento Varnish Metrics 101 recently released a new Magento extension that provides visibility for business managers to see their magento varnish cache metrics without having to login to the application. You can get the extension for your Magento website by going to the Magento Marketplace.

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Seed Funding Round Closed

I am very pleased to confirm that has just closed our $1.5m seed funding round.

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