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5 Ways to Quickly Improve Your Web Page Speed

Reports by Google, Amazon, and others have consistently shown that fast page load time is one of the most important elements of website success: one study by the Aberdeen Group showed every 1-second delay in page load time led to a 11% decrease in page views and 7% loss in conversions. There are many ways you can optimize your website for better performance, but here are some quick tips you can do now to improve your web performance and page load time:

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Cache Fundamentals Part 2 - What Content to Cache and Why

We previously went through the fundamentals of caching, what it is, why it’s important for faster web pages, better SEO, and reduced server costs, and what the differences are between a browser cache and a cache installed on a web server. Now we’ll go through some information on what type of content is typically cached, how Content Delivery Networks or CDNs are related to caching, and some tools to cache your own web data and improve the performance of your website.

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Introducing Multiple SSL Certificates on

We’re pleased to annouce that now supports multiple free SSL certificates if your website application uses multiple domains. The platform can now create, manage, and renew a free SSL certificate for all the domains that use one configuration, so you don’t have to worry about your SSL certificate expiring and your website becoming more vulnerable to attacks.

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What is a Reverse Proxy?

When I first started to tell people about my new job with, I often was asked “What is a reverse proxy”? To be honest, I had actually googled the same question. I was familiar with proxies, but wasn’t entirely sure what the difference was between a proxy and a reverse proxy.

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Adapting to Colorado Life

A New Corporate Objective A few months ago, my co founder and CTO, Dan, declared a need to climb Longs Peak here in Colorado. Why? “because it’s there” (that classic Mountain climbers’ cry). It turns out that during his morning drive into our Boulder office from Lousiville, every day since we moved to Colorado from Australia, Longs was standing tall and taunting on his skyline.

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We are pleased to announce that has become a Magento Select Technology Partner, a level of partnership that includes many other top-tier technology solutions designed to help Magento eCommerce customers get the most out of their websites. We’re excited about this partnership because we recognize Magento as the leading eCommerce solution for all kinds of businesses, from small boutiques to large, recognizable brands, and we have already been building our own tools to integrate seamlessly with the Magento system.

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Varnish WAF Options

It’s common that a modern web site will want the advantages of Varnish’s excellent programming model in tandem with a WAF.

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Cache Fundamentals- What is Cached Data

What is a web cache and what are the benefits of cached data? Before we get into what exactly caching is, you need to understand why caching is important. Ultimately, the main benefit of caching is faster web pages. And faster web pages lead to a better user experience, which means happier website visitors. Multiple studies have shown that users visit more pages on a website when it loads faster.

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Hello from Chad

Content Delivery Network? Did you know that many of us access content from a CDN every day? I didn’t, until a few weeks ago when a friend told me about an opportunity at a company who is pioneering the latest and greatest in content delivery networks. To be completely honest, I wasn’t entirely certain what a CDN was but decided it was worth looking into. Fast forward 2 weeks and I am embarking on an exciting new journey as the newest member of the team.

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Ensuring Your SSL Certificate is Setup on Magento

A Study of how Magento Websites use SSL for HTTPS Recently, studied a random sample of around 330 websites running on Magento Enterprise, the leading eCommerce solution for large businesses.

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