Nicholas - first day at Section

This is my first day, and I am super excited to join Section, who are pioneers and founders of customizable and performant, edge networks for web engineers.

I am joining Section after 2 years at a San Francisco Bay Area internet service provider, where I worked in customer tech support and technical project management.

I started working 18 years ago in web and internet in Sydney, including working as a web technology specialist for a global news conglomerate.

I am sold on the Section vision, and am impressed by the platform architecture and its existing and upcoming features.

It’s great to see how Section implements a teamwork first approach for customer success and is building a culture of customer-driven engineering solutions.

Section has joined the ranks of great companies where customers LOVE the product and the services wrapped around it.

I am stoked to be onboard with the Section mission, of bringing customizable and reliable edge network solutions, for the happiness of web engineers and the commercial success of our customers.

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