May the Fourth

May the Fourth be with you!

Today I join a small band of rebels in creating the next generation CDN. I’ve worked with so many great developers and am excited to work on a product that helps make their lives easier.

Coming from a product and marketing background, many tools have become an old ally to run experiments on most areas of customer experience. Custodians of business metrics, we test and iterate our website, email, and advertising in hopes of driving revenue through increased conversion rates.

But yet, one of the most important aspects of the customer experience - the speed by which a customer can access your products, content, and brand - lacks great tools to experiment with. While teams may endlessly debate this alarming chain of events, study after study shows that faster page loads times lead to higher conversion rates, higher purchase rates, and more revenue.

The reason why I believe we have yet to focus on page load time as a driver of revenue growth is because the existing tools are not compatible with agile workflows. It is a desperate mission to experiment with different configurations in a dev environment, and the more complex the configurations the more likely it is to spell certain doom when new code gets deployed. The risk of optimizing page load times using different caching strategies has been too high to reap the rewards this strategy offers.

I’m excited to work on a product that restores freedom by removing that risk and opens the doors to a new area of digital experimentation and optimization. I look forward to talking with our customers to brainstorm new strategies to cache and distribute content and to working with our amazing developers to get it shipped.

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