Demystifying Website Performance and Its Impact on Revenue

Last month we presented a webinar with our partner Magento on website performance and its impact on revenue. Website performance is a crucial element of any website’s success and is particularly important for ecommerce sites who rely on the speed of their website to convert customers, encourage larger cart sizes, and ultimately gain more revenue.

Ecommerce platforms including Magento recognize the importance of speed and scalability to their merchants and have been making improvements so they are built for fast pages and reliable performance at any volume of traffic. Magento 2, released in 2015, was built with performance in mind and to integrate with Varnish Cache, one of the best caching solutions available, and many have predicted that ecommerce site speed will become more and more important in 2017.

Website speed matters for ecommerce

The slides from this webinar can be seen below. In it, we reviewed:

  1. The definition of website performance
  2. How to measure website performance including metrics and suggested tools
  3. How to achieve better website performance, including little wins and big wins
  4. Caching and Varnish Cache
  5. How Content Delivery Networks work to improve performance

To learn even more about these topics and get started on improving your ecommerce website performance, you can download our guide to website performance and scalability. This guide includes in-depth information on all topics covered in the webinar, along with definitions of terms, a bonus website security section, and a 30-day action plan.

ecommerce ebook

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