Announcing Instant Global Cache,’s new Varnish Cache extension for Magento has been helping Magento merchants make their sites faster, more scalable and more secure for several years. As studies have shown and Magento customers have proven, improvement in web performance consistently leads to more products viewed, more cart conversion, and increased revenue. As the busy holiday season approaches, it’s more important now than at any other time to have a fast, secure website that can handle an increase in web traffic without slowing down or going offline.

Simple Magento Extension for Caching

That is why we’re excited to announce our new extension that allows Magento merchants to easily install and configure Varnish Cache on the CDN from within the Magento Admin Portal. Using the Instant Varnish Cache Magento extension, Magento 2 merchants can get setup with Varnish Cache, a best-in-class caching solution for improved performance and scalability, and serve content from’s global server network, all without leaving their Magento interface.

This extension will install Varnish Cache, provide step-by-step instructions on how to pull in Magento VCL (Varnish Configuration Language), and distribute that configuration globally on’s CDN. This simple solution will immediately provide a fast website experience for customers around the world by caching content to improve page load times. Caching content with Varnish Cache also reduces the work required by website servers, improving scalability as more customers visit your site, and saving merchants money on their operational expenses through reduced server costs.

Easy Magento CDN Integration

Other CDNs offer an integration with Magento, but is the first and only CDN that allows merchants to quickly setup on our system from within the Magento portal using the VCL recommended by Magento.

In addition to globally distributed Varnish Cache, merchants also get the great benefits offers to all customers on our platform includiing: HTTP/2, Automated SSL/HTTPS certificates, Logs, Metrics and Alerts, Unlimited Cache Clears, IP blocking, Version Control, Test Environments and Local Development.

To get started with this extension, go to our store on the Magento Extension Marketplace or if you have any questions please contact us for more information on improving your Magento website performance and security.

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