Improve Time to First Byte with HTML Streaming

html streamingSection is pleased to introduce HTML Streaming, a new feature which allows for dramatic improvement of the Time to First Byte and Start Render time without needing to cache the full HTML document. While Section already gives users the power to cache full HTML documents and provides a Developer PoP for testing before going to production, we understand some websites don’t want to change their source code to allow for the full HTML Document to be cached. That’s where HTML Streaming comes in.

Faster Website Performance with Varnish Cache and Lua

html streamingHTML Streaming works by combining the power of Varnish Cache and Lua to cache the < head > of the HTML document while dynamically pulling in the rest of the content through edge side includes. This results in a fast Time to First Byte without risk of caching personalized content or needing to make any changes to your source code.

Section’s experienced engineers will help implement HTML Streaming for you, and once it’s in place it automatically pulls the most up-to-date < body > content from your origin server.

This feature is an excellent solution for websites with personalized elements looking for quick speed wins without making AJAX calls or other code changes. For Magento 1.x users who want the speed of Varnish Cache without using the more complex Turpentine extension, this solution is quick to implement and delivers immediate speed wins. All users of HTML Streaming also get the added caching power of Varnish Cache for static and other content, and all of Section’s DevOps-friendly tools like real time logs and metrics for debugging.

To learn more about HTML Streaming and how it can work for your website please contact us.

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