Hello from Pete

Hello from Pete Jordan,

I recently joined up with the section.io team to drive revenue and marketing centered out of the U.S. I’m the guy without the great Australian accent in the office, looking forward to others joining us in American slang.

My background and energy has been been best suited in the early stage of a company, helping customers understand how to make their lives easier and more efficient with new ways of deploying smart technology.

We’ve started and built companies in the world of log management and configuration management, meeting smart customers with ideas on how to work more efficiently, and have learned a lot along the way. We’ve put in a lot of miles, seen a lot of new places and generally have returned the rental cars in one piece.

I am happy to have found Stewart and Dan not too long after their arrival in the states as they brought with them a thriving company with a great idea.

The section.io story is compelling and easy to share with people in the world of e-commerce. Your consumers are smarter and more demanding, and businesses need to be ever more responsive in delivering products and content to them across the web. We hope to show you how to make it easier and faster, through caching the content and distributing it across the globe for you.

We love developers and want to put them in control more than ever. Our toolsets let developers build and test before pushing content out, so any issues are found in advance of the finger pointing and negatives of lost revenue.

I look forward to sharing the story, talk with you soon.

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