Hello from Ivan!

I am from the mile high city of Denver, Colorado where it can be sunny at 12pm, rain cats and dogs at 3pm, and have a blizzard at 5pm. I am a rising sophomore in college with my first official introduction to computer science my freshman year. I have worked with both python and c++ to complete class projects and hope to increase my level of knowledge through my college classes and my experience in this internship with Section.

Why I decided to join Section?

I decided to join Section as an Intern Engineer because I want to be able to get that startup experience and really get to interact with my coworkers. Section has a unique and powerful goal in CDN work, and I wish to contribute to the reputation that Section has built among its customers. I expect to leave this internship with a deep understanding of what HTTP is to better enable my awareness in my everyday life. I also hope to learn as much as I can from my coworkers and getting experience working in a company structure.

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