Hello from Bjoern

A few hours ago, I started my first day at Section as a full time employee in the role of VP Commercials and I couldn’t be more excited to join this team. Over the past few weeks I had the pleasure of working with Stewart and Dan to understand the Section Go-To-Market strategy and value proposition for our clients better. Understanding what Section has already accomplished, and the vision of Stewart and Dan going forward, really convinced me about the opportunity for success.

I spent the last 24 years architecting and executing growth-driven negotiations at the commercial level for IT and Engineering outsourcing powerhouses Hewlett-Packard and QuEST Global Engineering Services. Both companies are very big in their field, and it was a pleasure to work there.

What’s next?

I am looking forward to be working with the team on executing the vision and selling at a bigger level then before to really grow Section with new Enterprise Customers and Partners. I am eager to learn from the team and leverage my expertise as Section continues on its upward path of success. I speak German and English fluently and will learn “Australian” as I come up to speed.

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