Excellent Google PageSpeed Service Alternative

With Google’s recent announcement of the “Turn Down of PageSpeed Service", users of the service should be asking what to do next.

Even though it has been in limited field trial for a long time, Google’s PageSpeed Service has now nearly 15,000 websites running on it. PageSpeed Service has been useful for many sites to accelerate pages being delivered to end users. So for those 15,000 websites, what next? What is the best Google’s PageSpeed Service alternative?

One option would be to install and run a server side PageSpeed module. Google provides a run down on the server side installation and management at their Developers site for PageSpeed Module.

Section has been running Google’s PageSpeed module as a part of our fully managed acceleration platform for a number of years. Section customers receive the benefits of Google’s PageSpeed Module plus:

  • Varnish Cache;
  • Our Optimised Multi CDN (Edgecast, Highwinds, Cloudfront, Rackcorp etc);
  • Management focussed website performance metrics;
  • LUA injection and optimisation;
  • SSL certificate provision and management; and
  • Much more.

Importantly, our tech team provide a fully managed service so that the configuration of these elements for your website is managed by our experts.

Users of Google’s PageSpeed Service are required to change their DNS before 3rd August 2015. We recommend having an alternative option in place in advance of the DNS deadline. Installing, running and managing a server side PageSpeed module should not be underestimated and we recommend investigating options ASAP to find the right solution for your site.

If you want the features of Google PageSpeed Service with the simplicity of a fully managed solution plus the added extras of a global leading multi CDN (and more), Section will be be a very attractive alternative to the PageSpeed Service. Contact pagespeed@section.io for more details on the simple transition from PageSpeed Service to Section.