The Section eBook on Optimizing your Magento Site for Performance

Improve your ecommerce site with our eBook on performance and scalability for Magento#

In September we became a Magento Select Technology Partner, and for the past few weeks we’ve been hard at work compiling all our Magento knowledge so that merchants who want to improve their Magento site speed and scalability, get information on hosting for Magento, read about Magento cache options and more have a singular resource to turn to.

We’re pleased to publish the final product today, a 47-page eBook, “The Definitive Guide to Optimizing your Magento Site for Better Performance and Scalability," which is now available to download for free.

This guide aims to give an overview on why performance (page speed), scalability (the ability for your site to handle more traffic), and security are important to your Magento site, with examples from both well-known studies and our own A/B tests that demonstrate that any Magento site, no matter the size, can see increased page views and revenue from a better-performing site. We also give recommendations on how to measure and improve your site performance and scalability, including what questions you should be asking around hosting for Magento sites, if you need a Content Delivery Network, and what you need to know about caching in Magento.

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Learn how to Configure Varnish Cache for Magento

The guide also includes instructional chapters on configuring Varnish Cache for your Magento site and how to program Magento 2 for better performance. These sections give your developers solid recommendations on how to improve your Magento site using open source resources they already have access to.

We’re excited for Magento merchants to use this eBook as a way to improve their site before the holiday season, and can’t wait to see the performance and scalability optimizations you make. Here’s a sneak peak at the eBook’s contents, or download your free guide on Magento optimization now.

  1. Show me the Money: Why performance and scalability are important for your Magento website
  2. Data Driven: how to measure your web performance
  3. The Host with the Most: Choosing the right Magento hosting for you
  4. Getting to Know You: Introduction to Caching for Performance
  5. Digging Deeper: How Varnish Cache and Magento Work Together
  6. The Value of Your Network: Considering the Benefits of Content Delivery Networks
  7. The Meat of It: Programming for Performance on Magento 2
  8. Bonus Security Section: Protecting your Magento Website from Attacks
  9. Get Started: Your Customizable Action Plan

Section is a website performance, scalability and security tool that makes it easy for Magento developers to improve their website with a quick-install version of Varnish Cache, free SSL certificates, and globally distributed CDN. To start improving your Magento site performance today, sign up for a free trial or contact us.

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