Creating the Content Behind a Content Delivery Network


Today I joined the team at, a new type of content delivery network aimed at helping developers and marketers increase the speed and security of their websites. I’ll be working on the content surrounding the product to make sure that anyone who is interested in CDNs is able to easily understand what they are, how they work, and why web performance will improve when you utilize one.

I’m not yet an expert in the CDN arena myself - I come from a marketing and communications background so will aim to help you understand not only what a CDN is but also why it is valuable in helping attract views and grow online revenue. I will illustrate the value of CDNs to marketers through real-world examples, while making sure remains (and increases as) a repository of more technical information for the developers building websites.

Whether you realize it or not, if you’re accessing web pages, watching videos, or buying products online, you are interacting with a content delivery network. CDNs ensure that content - from pictures and text on websites to streaming music and videos - is delivered to you quickly and securely by storing files all over the world. takes things one step further, by making it simple for developers to use a CDN, and giving them the ability to test changes before they are made to a live site. It sounds like a given that developers should be able to test a site before it goes live with a CDN, but that’s not always the case - when made live, links can break or functionalities change because of the difficulty of testing while taking into account the features a CDN adds.

Why CDNs Matter to You

It’s difficult to overstate the value of speed in an increasingly online world, where people are watching TV shows, ordering food, buying clothes, and communicating with friends online - often all at the same time!

I am an avid tab-hopper and page-scroller, moving through content as quickly as I can and hoping to digest a small portion of it. If I’m looking through an ecommerce site I need pages and images to load in a nano-second, otherwise I’ll navigate somewhere else. If the content is delivered quickly, and I can easily add an item to a shopping basket and go through the steps to confirm my order, there’s a good chance that site will have made a sale.

Not a great habit for my wallet, but these are exactly the type of interactions ecommerce sites are looking to create daily, and speed is arguably the most important factor in these interactions. I look forward to bringing you more examples like this one, further quantifying the ROI of a CDN for your business, and ensuring all your questions are answered.

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