Why Cache is King

The Section Australian contingent is excited to be attending MagentoLive Australia in Sydney from November 7-8th. As an Australian-founded company with offices in both Australia and the US and a recent Magento Select Technology Partner, we love catching up with Magento clients and hearing about trends in the ecommerce industry at Magento events.

cache is king

This year, we’re also launching a campaign to educate ecommerce sites on why we consider caching the #1 way for businesses to see quick improvements in website speed, page views, and even conversion rates and revenue. As part of this campaign, if you tweet #CacheisKing, even if you’re not a Magento platform or at Magento Live, you’ll be entered to win a Cache is King t-shirt and one of these BB-8 robots from Sphero. You can also enter to win at this page.

Caching Immediatly Improves Website Performance

Here are the top 5 reasons we think #CacheisKing:

  1. Browser caching stores copies of files on a website visitor’s own computer, reducing page load time when they next visit your site.

  2. Server caching stories copies of files up to and including full HTML documents on a caching server (or globally distributed caches such as a CDN delivers), and a properly configured cache solution will improve website speed more than almost any other website enhancement.

  3. Caching speeds up pages and it also reduces the back-end load on your server, saving you hosting costs.

  4. Using a flexible cache solution such as Varnish Cache websites can set rules so that some pages are cached and others are not, or parts of pages that include un-cacheable content such as personalized information is not cached.

  5. Caching improves both speed and scalability, the ability for your website to handle sudden influxes of traffic without slowing down or going offline.

To learn more about caching, read our blogs on an overview of caching and what content to cache and why.

Set up an easily configurable Varnish Cache with Section

Section provides an out-of-the-box basic Varnish Cache configuration and a fully editable file for websites to configure a more advanced caching strategy. Sign up for a free trial to start caching your website today, or contact us if you’d like to speak to one of our website performance and caching experts. next generation CDN or sign up for a free 14-day trial of the only website performance solution built for developers.

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