Section shows market leadership in web performance and security in Australian ecommerce

The recently released top 50 people in Australian ecommerce has again demonstrated Section’s market leadership.

Across the board Section is the preferred solution for web performance, availability and security in Australian ecommerce, supporting 5 of the top 10 and 15+ of the top 50 Australian ecommerce leaders; more than any other comparable provider.

australian top 50

Section has become the trusted “go to” partner, assisting businesses to improve website performance and security. Section team and platform partner with both internal and external development teams to dramatically enhance the performance and security of any website.

Section’s flexible platform and deep knowledge of web performance in Australia means Section achieves results beyond any other web optimisation platform or Content Delivery Network.

Matt Johnson - GM of APAC comments: “Most people work to improve performance or security either via web development activities or basic CDN layer but they can’t achieve the results they were hoping for. This can frustrate the engineering and marketing teams as they suffer reduced effectiveness of marketing spend and can make sale events or security breaches a terrifying experience. Brands may be damaged by downtime and poor user experience. We are helping people fix these issues every day.”

Industry data has consistently demonstrated that site speed is a critical issue to solve for improved business returns. At the same time, hacks, attacks and ransom events are on the the increase. There are a many solutions in the market for everything from payment gateways to shipping, but until now no one has successfully (and consistently) improved website speed and security in one easy, developer friendly platform.

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