Section Introduces Community Forum

We’re pleased the introduce the Section Community Forum, where Section users and those looking for information about Content Delivery Networks, Varnish Cache, and general website performance and security enhancements can post and answer questions. Anyone can read questions by others on the Community Forum, and to ask your own questions sign up for a free Section account.

Get your Edge questions answered

Along with this blog’s Edge posts, the Community Forum is a great place to learn about edge computing’s benefits and setup. Here’s an answer on if having a greater number of server points of presence (PoPs) is better for your website performance or not.

Learn about improving website performance and website security

If you’re unsure where to start when learning about improving your page speed and website security, ask the experts in the Section community. When you come across new phrases or metrics, such as Time to Fist Byte, and need to know what they mean and if they matter to you, this forum is here to help.

Ask experts about Varnish Cache implementation

We know installing and configuring Varnish Cache for your site can be complicated, and with leading platforms such as Magento strongly recommending the use of Varnish Cache for better performance and scalability, more and more websites are having to set it up. The Section technical team are experts in Varnish Cache and configuration and VCL.

Improve your website performance, security, and scalability with Section

At Section we’re committed to being a resource on all things performance, scalability, and security, so we encourage you to visit the Community Forum and ask any questions you may have about our platform and website enhancements in general.

To get an easy-to-setup, globally distributed website performance, scalability, and security solution that integrates with developer workflows, get started for free.

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