Section Highlights Four Kubernetes and Edge Trends to Watch in 2023

With the end of the year upon us, Section co-founder and CEO Stewart McGrath recently offered his perspective on four trends to watch in 2023 when it comes to Kubernetes, container orchestration and the edge computing landscape.

Recently published by Spiceworks, here is a summary of Stew’s predictions for the coming year:

  1. The rise of Kubernetes as a Service. As workload management continues to expand to serverless and virtual machines, and the operations ecosystem (e.g., security and observability) matures and hardens, we will see Kubernetes more abstracted from users… Cloud computing gave us compute as a service. Kubernetes is one layer above that compute, and a natural fit for an “as a service” offering; in 2023, we’ll see that take off.

  2. The rise of telcos – again. We will continue to see investment in Edge infrastructure from ISPs, telcos, CDNs, hosting companies and hyperscalers. And we will see the emergence of a need from these infra providers for application-level technologies to enable developers to place their workload on that infrastructure.

  3. Data distribution to go mainstream. Facilitating the distribution of data or Edge applications brings challenges for consistency. Fortunately, there has been significant investment in solving these problems by organizations… Caching, distribution and replication are all techniques these organizations are employing to let us have our data available in distributed footprints but still with ACID (or close to ACID) properties.

  4. The Edge will remain a nebulous and disputed concept. The debate will continue to rage about where the Edge is and whether some distributed systems are more or less “Edge-y” than others. What will not be disputed is that distribution of applications to wider hosting footprints has advantages with respect to elements such as latency, reliability, redundancy and data backhaul cost. So maybe a new phase will emerge focusing on application distribution rather than Edge.

You can read the full list of trends to watch next year, a review of how Section’s 2022 predictions scored, and a bonus take on the anticipated evolution of cloud computing in the next five years by checking out the full article at Spiceworks.

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