Control and Flexibility

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Finally, Devops principles are applied to your Content Delivery Solution

  • Run the exact copy of your content delivery solution on your development environment
  • Configure your content delivery solution and the application together to ensure the application works beautifully and as expected in production
  • Features of the content delivery solution can be combined with the application code to ensure cacheability and compatibility before that code is in production
  • CDN configuration can clash with deployed code and break your site
  • Time and effort to identify problems is frustrating
  • Bugs uncovered later in the development process are costly
  • Downtime, delays and CDN trust issues become frequent in your dev cycle
  • Valuable CDN features get turned off to solve production issues
  • Web dev and ops teams work on consistent platforms
  • App or content delivery bugs are found in dev
  • Software engineers obtain content delivery predictability
  • Sophisticated content delivery config can be nailed in Dev
  • Apps are built to work specifically with the Content Delivery Solution


Access all the benefits of Open Source Proxies provides you with easy access to open source solutions such as Varnish Cache and Mod Security. We have not messed with them so you can use all the community driven benefits of the product.

As new versions are released, you can choose whether that new version is right for you and upgrade as and when you choose.

With you are not locked in to one proprietary proxy software.

Your Reverse Proxies Globally Deployed deploys your content delivery solution to a globally distributed cloud. You have the immediate benefits of global scale and reach.

Your content will be served from network locations in close proximity to your users and your proxy network has access to scalable resources so you won't be tapped out for CPU or RAM.

Take configuration to the limit in the safety of your development environment

When the flexibility of is coupled with the control delivers, you have an unbeatable combo.

By having your instance available in your development environment, you can push the application code and Content Delivery Solution configuration to breaking point; without fear of breaking production.

And importantly, the feedback loop for any change is accurate and immediate.

Diagnostics and metrics to guide excellence in Content Delivery configuration's user portal provides instant feedback on changes made in your application code or the content delivery solution Config

Deploy a change and test it locally to identify impacts on caching, security, errors and performance.

Watch for and respond to trends in production error rates and application performance.

Couple with your existing CDN

While is a highly capable Content Delivery Solution in its own right, is also an awesome origin shield which you can run right behind any other CDN on the market today.

If you have made commitments to an existing CDN, drop behind that CDN to access the security, HTML caching and shared static cache capabilities of

Your content, your rules

You control the way your Content Delivery Solution is configured to work with your application

You control the features of your Content Delivery Solution

You control the deployment of your Content Delivery Config across all stages of your development process

You control the functionality you require in your Content Delivery Solution

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