The Team

Meet the team. Located in Boulder, CO, Los Angeles, CA, San Francisco, CA and Sydney, Australia.

Ivan Hamilton

Ivan: Principal Engineer

T-shirts... I live in 'em!

Jason Stangroome

Jason: Principal Engineer

Embrace change. Learn fast.

Matthew Johnson

Matt: VP, Delivery Services

If he was a beer, he'd be a long neck with plenty of hops.

Melanie Gauss

Melanie: CFO

I'm responsible for everything.

Daniel Bartholomew

Dan: CTO

If it's left of centre then chances are I'll run into it

Danny Randa

Danny: Director of Marketing

Data drives the decisions

Glenn Slaven

Glenn: Principal Engineer

More animals than children... and he has a lot of children

Ben Cook

Ben: CCO

Don't upset the customer journey.

Roxana Elliott

Roxana: Content Marketer

I don't know what to write here.

Matt Haentzschel

Matt: CRO

I close the deals.

Shaun Guo

Shaun: Service Delivery Engineer

I feel the need for speed.

Stewart McGrath

Stewart: CEO

Music isn't just a way of life, life is played to music.

CJ Brewer

CJ: Customer Success Engineer

I'm here to help

Derek Nolde

Derek: Enterprise Sales Director

West Coast office

Ivan Hamilton

Ivan: Principal Engineer

To the power of two

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